Dogs have been "mans best friend"  for around 30,000 years

 The dog was the first animal to be domesticated by humans. Scientists are yet to agree exactly when this was but it was way before  any other animal.

Humans have breed many different type of dogs for many different reasons. Perhaps initially for hunting and working.

 Today many dogs are breed for companionship.  Big cities and modern living has lead to the ever increasing popularity of small companion dogs.

One of the best small companion dogs is the

 Australian Silky Terrier

Let me tell you why   

What makes a good  'Companion Dog'

It is easier to  start with what you do not want in a companion dog first.

 1.   You DONT want an unintelligent dog. Because they are no fun and are frustrating and slow to learn the rules.

 2.   You DONT want a dog that sheds hair or slobbers or drools all around the house.

3.   You DONT want an aggressive dog they just create problems.

4.   You DONT want a highly strung nervous type dog that rips up everything.

5.   You DONT want a little dog that inherently yaps and barks all day and night

6.   You DONT want a dog  that is predisposed to a long  list of possible health issues inherent in particular breeds of dog.

7.   Finally you DONT  want a dog that lacks personality.  This may well be the most important point when it comes to pets.


Our  Australian Silky Terriers are very intelligent. This is  important because they are easy to communicate with,  they learn very quickly what the rules are. Their intelligence enhances their personality. You will start to believe that they understand ever word you say.

Australian Silky Terriers, have beautiful hair and when well groomed look exquisite. If not well groomed they still have that rugged cute look. They DO NOT shed their hair like many other dogs. They have continuously growing hair. They are excellent for people who are prone to allergies. And you dont need to go around cleaning up hair all the time.

They do not slobber drool or drip saliva around the place they are very clean dogs. Excellent inside . They are very good indoor dogs, because they are quick to learn easy to teach. Like any other dog of course need regular exercise

Our dogs  are very receptive and affectionate , they love cuddles, will snuggle up on the couch and watch the footy with you. They DO  think they are as big as any other dog, but they are not aggressive  at all. Our terriers have a very very friendly outlook on life.

Its well known that some small breed dogs are 'psychos' Some small breed dogs seem to be predisposed to highly neurotic behaviour,  but  Australian Silky Terriers are not.   Ours are very well grounded happy and stable dogs. Generally speaking intelligent dogs are usually well balanced behaviourally. 

Australian Silky Terriers do make very good watch dogs because they tend to be quite territorial and will let you know the moment someone approaches the door.  However .they are not yappers like some other small breed that are prone to flying off the handle  barking with very little provocation. Australian Silky's are smart enough to distinguish between the wind and real threats.

They are also a very hardy breed of dog and have no problems what so ever being outdoors.  They are tough.  As a breed they also have very few inherent predisposed health issues.   Even though they have that silky hair they can handle the heat of the tropics as easily as they can handle colder climates. They truly are tough little critters. This combined with their intelligence means you wont see the vet very often.

Australian Silky Terriers exemplifies the expression "small dog, big personality."  Because they are energetic and highly intelligent for a small dog they have tons of character and personality.  The more personality the greater and stronger the bond between family and pet.  Like I said before you will come to believe that your Australian Silky Terrier can understand everything you say and they will provide you and the family with many memorable moments.

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