Please note : Marley and Maggie do not have current ANKC registration they are not show dogs and these puppies will not be sold with ANKC registration or pedigree papers.

Maggie (mother of pups for sale) is a petite lady like Silky around 4.9 Kgs and comes from a line silky's bred for  companionship .

 Maggie is very calm well adjusted dog that has free access to in the house and out into a very safe back yard via a doggie door.  She comes and goes as she pleases. Always does her toileting in the same designated area of the back yard. Comes into snuggle up if your watching tv. Loves attention and treats very young children like puppies,  very gentle.

She is still a true terrier and loves entertaining herself in the back yard. She will hunt down mice and  lizards with feverish enthusiasm. Thats what terriers were bred for its instinct. 

Inside she is a gem honestly I think she total understands everything thats going on in the house. She loves going out for walks and rides in the car. She knows instinctively if your preparing to go out and asks if she can come by turning in a circle and vocalising something that sounds like "and mee".  Lol

Maggie has never had any health issues at all. She has only seen the vet to get her vaccinations.

On top of that she has the softest beautiful fine silky hair.

 A true gem.

Marley (father of the pups for sale) is a pedigree dog bred here in Darwin. This guys personality alone is to die for. The charming larrikin. 

He real is an Aussie dog so to speak. He is a big boy for an Australian Silky Terrier around  twice the size of Maggie and weighs in at around 7.5Kgs. . He is strong and super fit. Australian Silky Terrier dogs in their adolescent stage need lots of exercise.  I used to and still do at times exercise him by taking him for a run with me on the push bike and him on the leash. He loves it and first out of the yard and on the last stretch leading back home he goes for it like Pharlap.  It looks so strange perhaps even cruel to some passers  by,  who see this small hair dog pulling this big  fat old bloke on a push bike along the road faster than I could ever hope to peddle. 

 I kid you not, he is fast and strong and he absolutely loves it. Soon as we get back he jumps straight into the water trough with just his nose sticking out. He is a real handsome dog and a hole heap of fun. He learns so quick and I have taught him so many things.

If the pups inherit the personality and character of the parents,  which of course you would expect them to do,

 then these pups are going to  grow to be the best pets ever. 

We dont go in for "Dog Shows" and neither dog has current registration 

We already know they are the two best dogs in the world and certainly dont need anyone else to confirm it.

((((( smile))))) 

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